Managing Your Time

September 19, 2016 by Joe Bunn

It doesn’t matter if you’re a single-op DJ, multi-op DJ, a banker or a housekeeper, managing your time is critical to running a successful business. I’m not good at everything but this is one of the things I might be able to help you with. Here are just a few of my top tips:

Start fresh. At the beginning of each day, I straighten up my workspace. Yes, the beginning, not the end. I take out the trash, make sure the office frig is stocked, check that the uplights are on their chargers, stuff like that. I don’t like to work in a messy environment all day!

Pick one.  I am a big fan of email, the phone not so much. So the first thing I tackle is usually my email inbox. After I knock that out, then I start returning phone messages from the previous day or that morning.

manage_your_time_or_it_will_manage_youSchedule days. If you have things that need to be done each day or week, then set a reminder on your calendar and stick to that day. For example, every Monday I write a blog that goes on our website about the previous weekend’s gig. Also, I have a reminder set to go off on the first Monday of every month to remind me to write and send out our e-newsletter.

Don’t Overdo It. Chill out with the social media. That stuff can earn you business but having an open Facebook feed in your face day can be a massive time suck. Pick a couple of times a day to make posts and peruse or just do it after hours.

Meetings. Have you ever noticed that in corporate America, people like to have meetings about meetings? We don’t do that. You should conserve your precious time by making your meeting day a certain day of the week. I try and set mine on Wednesdays. Listen, if a couple wants to meet about their wedding on a Tuesday am I going to do it? Of course! But I do try and book my meetings on one day.

Obtain Help. If you get to a point where you are just overwhelmed or can’t keep up even after trying some of these tips, then maybe it is time to get some help! I’m not saying you have to hire a full timer, but maybe try one of your DJs first.

Good luck guys! If you have some followup questions, shoot me an email at! Glad to help!

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