Making the Upsell

November 3, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

When talking with a client about their special event, do you listen? Really listen?

Many times clients will tell you exactly what they want. So know you can explain what they need! Just listen. “I want a Fairy Tale themed party for my 16 year old daughter, she is our only daughter & I want to make it special”. What does that tell you? What is your next question? Mine would be – Describe what  special means?

There is a technique that I learned a few years ago in Improve Training called, “Yes, And”.Wedd 5 (640x426)

When the mom says we are looking for a very colorful, princess style decorations. I would then say “Yes and we could really create that princess feel by projecting special lighting onto the walls, provide soft color around the room”

It’s all about listening to their desires & helping paint a picture. How well you paint the picture to make them use all of their senses will determine if they say YES?

I’m the first to say that some clients want it all without understanding what it takes or cost to deliver it all. But painting the picture with several extra add ons allows you to cut some without eliminating the WOW!

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