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April 8, 2008 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer


That’s what most brides are looking for. Do you have the ability to perform to a level that provides the bride with the reception that she has always dreamed about? Think about it. This is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event (at least most brides approach the wedding with that idea in mind!). This bride may be spending $6000 to $30,000 on her wedding. Over the years, we have adjusted our marketing approach to give the bride CONFIDENCE in our service that we will provide her with four basic things:


2. Music

3. Emcee Service

4. Performance/Interactivity

All of these things combined are an important factor to most brides. Sure, you will find those brides who are looking for the cheapest DJ, and quality isn’t important to them, but I think they are in the minority. I believe that brides come in three categories:

The Cheap Brides
The Average Bride
The Quality Bride – looking for the cheapest DJ, quality not important. – Looking for a DJ who has a reasonable price AND provides a good quality service. IMPORTANT!!! This bride may present herself as the “Cheap Bride” over the phone, because the first question she’ll ask is “how much”? However, if you take the time to talk with her about the wedding, you will find that she is genuinely concerned about the performance of the DJ and quality. – Looking for a DJ who provides outstanding performance and services. Price doesn’t matter.
Obviously, we prefer bride #3, but most often deal with bride #2. It is my belief that there are many more “Average Brides” than “Cheap Brides”. It is your job to focus on the Average Bride, and educate this bride, so that she is willing to pay more than she expected to for the entertainment (assuming that your prices are higher than the bottom feeders in your area). This is why it is important to have good marketing materials and a refined sales pitch over the phone.

We adjusted our entire sales pitch many years ago, to focus on giving the client the perception that we provide a high quality service, both before the wedding with our detailed planning services and the day of the wedding with our quality performances and attention to details. For us, this has been the most effective method of closing the sale at a price that is higher than the average rate for DJs in our market area. If you leave a bride with the perception that you provide a high quality service that is different from your competitors, do you believe that this bride will book a DJ that is $100 cheaper than you? More often than not, I believe that the bride will pay the additional cost for quality. If you haven’t seen this success, closely examine every aspect of your services (in the categories listed above) for deficiencies. Are you up to snuff? If not, improve your services, marketing materials and phone sales techniques. I am certain you will reap the benefits through increased bookings at higher prices if you do.

– Since we do about 175 weddings annually, we speak with a wide variety of brides. Some brides tell us that the last wedding they attended, the DJ just sat behind the table, and did little (if anything) to motivate the guests on the dance floor. This bride clearly wants a FUN DJ. Other brides we speak with have seen the other extreme – they attended a wedding where the DJ was standing on chairs screaming at the guests, being what we call “the show-off” DJ. It’s up to you to find out what each and every bride wants in the way of personality/interactivity for each wedding. If you explain to the bride that you can offer either the “low key” approach, or the “Fun DJ” approach (in a tasteful manner), you will give her the confidence in your service that you will provide her with the type of personality she is looking for. – We all take this for granted – but keep in mind that the bride has probably been to several weddings in recent years. More importantly, she has probably seen several DJs, with different levels of ability to be a professional Emcee. Most brides want an Emcee that is a professional, who is dressed professionally, and who can Emcee the reception in a professional manner. Most importantly, she doesn’t want an Emcee who will embarrass her in front of her friends and relatives. This means she doesn’t want someone who makes a fool of him or her self on the microphone.- While some brides just assume we have a good variety of music, other brides (and parents!) are concerned that we have the music that they want. This is why we print up our “Most Requested Songs” listing, that is categorized by music type. There are over 800 songs listed on four pages – in compressed print. This keeps the size of the packet small, and the cost to mail it very reasonable. Since weddings are the bulk of what we do, the songs listed are geared to weddings.- Our sales pitch to every bride includes the fact that we will plan every detail of her reception (that pertains to our service). You would be amazed at the number of brides that seem genuinely relieved when we explain to them that we provide this service to them. For this reason, every marketing packet that we send a bride includes our Wedding Reception Planner. This demonstrates that we will plan her reception so that she can relax and enjoy the wedding day.

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