Making the Most Out of Old DJ Lighting

June 23, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Almost ten years ago, at MBLV11 (2007), I was introduced to a new company that was taking DJ burgerlighting and tying it all together into one system, their name was Rock & Roll Lighting. They were using some custom made and modified truss, adding can and effect lights, putting them on a unique controller and making it into a lighting system. Since then that system was one of the most popular ones we rolled out to middle school and high school events.

Rock & Roll Lighting disappeared from the DJ marketplace after a short stint, but last year, while down visiting Cheaplights. com in Houston, I saw trussing that looked very similar. Combining that trussing with a bunch of Blizzard Puck lights that we had not been using for a while, and a new controller from Aeon Raven, the DMX Blackbird (see sidebar on next page), I had an opportunity to build something unique that will bring back the vibe of our old Rock & Roll Lighting systems


The key to this is having the right kind of trussing to do it with. Normal trussing is made so that the lights hang from it or on top of it. This trussing needed to have space inside and be manageable for moving around. I found a great source of this truss to be Cheaplights.Com, using their Monster Truss brand. For this project I ordered two 4-ft 12” featherlight black steel square truss sections, two 6ft sections (this is what the lighting gets inserted into), and ….

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