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December 6, 2012 by Michael Buonaccorso Jr.

The latest trend in DJ fashion? Headphones. Over the past couple of years, all of the major players in our industry have been introducing headphones to the market that not just sound good, but are fashionable as well.

Good examples would be the offerings from Beats by Dr. Dre or Pioneer’s recent HDJ designs, both high quality, fashionable offerings.

But until now, that fashion has come at a price. In response, the engineers at Wicked Audio have introduced their Solus headphones, taking a different approach. They offer a decent, quality pair of headphones, while still exhibiting stylish characteristics.

When first opening the box, the first thing that one notices is the attractive packaging. Everything is very high quality, and the box is very similar to that one would find if they purchased the Beats Pro headphones that we reviewed a while back. And inside the box, Wicked Audio is very generous when it comes to included accessories. We found a carrying case, a 1/8” to 1/4” adapter, as well as two extension cords for the audio cable.

The headphones are made entirely of plastic, save for the leather headband and ear cups. The ear cups cleanly swivel out of the way, which comes in handy when cueing up songs. But the all-plastic construction of the hinges is definitely the weak point of the design. Unfortunately, the audio cable is not removable from the phones themselves. If the cable wears or shorts out, the entire pair of headphones will need replacement. However, this audio cable is made out of red braided cloth, suggesting a quality cord that won’t wear out quickly. The audio cable also has an inline volume adjustment, as well as a stereo/mono switch.

Solus have a decent sound output, and they will certainly be more than adequate for most mobile DJs in almost any situation. In our testing, we found the sound quality decent, but the mid-range was on the lacking side. They do not sound as good as higher end offerings from the likes of Pioneer and Beats by Dr.Dre, but they are also not nearly as expensive. And for DJs using these solely for cueing up songs, sound output obviously trumps sound quality. And in that area, the Solus deliver. With a street price of around 50 bucks, they are definitely just as good of sound quality (if not better) than other offerings at this price point.

Overall, Solus is a decent quality, stylish headphone available at a very reasonable price point. If you’re into looking stylish while you kill it on your dance floor, Solus delivers.

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