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October 14, 2016 by DigiGames

Today we are going to look at a subject I have touched upon in other posts when talking about how to include bonus rounds or rounds that will shake your quiz up and add that all important element of variety that will have your players coming back for more and more. I have had a lot of people ask me about one of the factors I mentioned and that is the all important Wipeout Round!


Usually in my blog posts I spend time describing the round, looking at the basics.  But here when talking about the ever elusive wipeout round it is going to be a far better idea to just introduce the concept and the basics and then let you look over two examples of quizzes where I have written a wipeout round. This is one of those times when a long paragraph of thoughts will not be as good or effective as simply having some examples to use.


What is a Wipeout Round?

To put it rather simple….A wipeout round is a high stakes round in which players are invited to gamble on points and gamble on knowledge or to play a strategy based game depending on their position in the standings. So, what you do is decide how many questions you want and my advice would be it makes it pointless doing a wipeout round if you are going to do less than 10. This is the best number to go for…any more and it drags the round out and any less and the risk element becomes pointless.


How the round works is as follows….One point for every correct answer in the round, but if you get one question wrong in the round you are “wiped out” and score 0 for the round. If by some chance you manage to score 10/10 then you are awarded 5 bonus points. No punishment for blank answers so if a team only puts 3 answers and all 3 are correct is 3 points, if a team plays 5 answers and 1 is incorrect then they score 0 for the round. I hope this is clear! You can see why this is popular as it means your players have some element of risk involved, doubt their own knowledge and you will probably find 50% of the teams will wipe themselves out.

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