Making Kids Events Your Next Summer Event

July 2, 2015 by Rob Ferre

It’s summer and you are thinking, “It’s wedding season!” But guess what? It’s also, “Kid’s are out of school!” season.

Ever wondered how you can you make an extra buck on the weekdays? I have a couple of tips to share to help you maximize your summer cash flow. I fill my weeks with not just weddings but also events that cater to kids and families. Here are a couple of directions you could go in looking for your next summer gig.

Malls and Shopping Centers: Often times malls have events throughout the year, but even more so during the summer. They may have ongoing monthly events. I do events for 3 separate malls in the area. One mall does a monthly Kids Club event, one does Kids Club just for the summer, and one does family fun nights every Monday in July. Create relationships with event coordinators at the malls and maybe even offer to do the first one for free.

Family Reunions: Summer is a great time for families to get together and celebrate. With a mix of kids running around and adults trying to catch up, this is a great place to showcase your talents for all age ranges with music and dance. If you can keep the kids occupied, the families will love you forever.

Day Cares: My friend Rob Peters has a great a program that can get you started with his bubble parties program. Bubble parties are the perfect fit for day cares and often times result in repeat and referral business.

Summer Camps: With school out, where do the parents send their kids? Summer camp. There are different camps associated with different youth associations like the YMCA or Boys and Girls Club. Offer your services for dance parties at any of these facilities in your area.

Water/Theme Parks: If you have a water or theme park in your area, this is great way to do some weekday work. Offer dance parties or work with them to promote special events. You can run contests like frozen t-shirt (nothing like wet t-shirt), hula hoop contests, limbo, or work with them to create customized games based on the theme of their event.

With each type of event you do, make sure you gather footage and photos to create a video you can refer future potential clients to because many do not know the value of what you provide until they see you in action.

With all of these tips, here’s to you getting more weekday work to fill your summer calendar.

Next time we will talk more about types of contests you can do for your next kids event. If you would like more ideas on what you can do now, join our Facebook forum at: DJ Rob’s Kids and Family Event DJ Forum.

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