Making Good Notes – Reviewing Your Performance for a Route to Success

September 16, 2015 by DigiGames

“A guide to ensuring each gig, trivia night and contest is reviewed by the trivia host to Taking-Notessharpen the skills and keep the content fresh”

Welcome back to the DigiGames blog, your one stop guide the trivia world containing your usually daily dose of hints, tips and ideas. Today we are going to look at something I know some of you won’t be doing, and something that I did not do when I first started out, and that’s taking notes and reflecting on the evening and the gig that has just happened. Now, I am obsessive with and keep a diary logging the pros and cons of each event and I use it as reference going forward.  You don’t have a perfect memory, nobody does.  Likely there are games you played years ago that were a huge success but as time has gone by have been forgotten.  Most successful entertainers agree that they have forgotten more than most have learned.  Therefore it is very important to take notes.

Making Good Notes – Reviewing Your Performance for a Route to Success   – The problem

As a trivia host you, if you are doing it right, will be very busy. Yes, you may have the trivia nights which you run week after week in the same venue and you will that these are a little easier to review and find out what works and what doesn’t.  However, on top of that you may get the odd corporate gig here, the charity fundraiser twice a year here and there and special events up and down the country. It would take an exceptional memory to remember the pros and cons of each event so you need to keep track in a more effective way to ensure you keep up your performance. If you don’t, you may make the same mistakes twice and misjudging an audience or an event may just be the reason that you are asked not to return as a host to certain venues.

Making Good Notes – Reviewing Your Performance for a Route to Success  – How to do it?

My tip would be to get yourself a nice big A4 Diary and carry it with you every where you go. It is unlikely you are going to be running more than one trivia night on any given day so dedicate the full pace to feedback. Write down how many teams played, what format you used and everything and anything about the night. When its all over write down what you thought went well and didn’t. Were some rounds greeted with moans? Were some questions too hard? Did the players enjoy the interaction or the jokes?

Then next time you do the gig you can look back and think “Right, they don’t like jokes, the team in the corner always wins and they never get good marks on modern music”. You can then use those bits of information to make your night better.

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