Making Each Show Unique – Alcohol Trivia

May 20, 2016 by DigiGames

“Adding interest and excitement to your trivia night by going out of your way to include trivia about a favourite subject of many….Alcohol”

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you enjoyed last weeks post and indeed I hope you have started putting to use some of the good practice we are instructing you on. All comes direct from an experienced quiz master with years in the profession, so its all been tried and tested across various venues.

Today, we are kicking off a new series of posts, all along a similar theme and that theme is making each show unique. What we are essentially going to look at here is how you, with a little bit of thought and planning, can add some key themes into your quiz to make each show unique. This will help encourage punters to come back and also make sure they don’t get bored. Keeping them on the edge of their seat and never knowing quite what to expect will always result in more players and more bookings.

Now, it terms of making each show unique there are a few ways to look at this that all of the below ideas will cover. Initially, what you could think about doing is having a certain aspect of your quiz themed every week or have a general theme for the whole quiz. I don’t mean every single question about the same subject but trying to make an ongoing theme.

Here are some ideas and thoughts on the issues….

Making Each Show Unique – Alcohol Trivia – Why Include it at all?

Why have I started this series with Alcohol, I hear you ask. Very simply, its something that is popular, people know a lot about and that is relevant to the setting (if hosting in a bar). It also something that isn’t as “learned” or as “academic” as some subjects and won’t make people feel dumb or put them off attending. It may also encourage other teams to win as the boffins in your quiz who know about science and history may not be too up to speed on drinking!

Making Each Show Unique – Alcohol Trivia – Reflect on results

Stop Press: On thing I should mention here and throughout any of these “themed” posts is that there is a need to reflect on results. If you announce next weeks quiz is going to have a theme of Alcohol and no-one turns up then you will need to re-consider your options. If every team scores 30% less than usual….then you need to consider your options. Keep it relevant to what your audience in your venue wants, as I have said several times over and over….what works in one venue doesn’t necessarily in them all. Never try and force things onto an audience if there is a clear indication they don’t want it.

More ideas on Alcohol Trivia –

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