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September 21, 2016 by Mobile Beat

If you’re stuck in that “just a DJ” stereotype, your wedding clients will view you as such and pay you accordingly (which is usually not well). On the other hand, if you’re able to offer them more than the “typical DJ” fanfare, and create additional value for them, you can book more gigs and command a higher fee.

The Search For the Latest Wedding Upsell

A few years ago, when uplighting started to gain momentum as a hot new wedding trend, DJs were able to substantially increase their bottom line by offering it to venues and clients. Now, supply has caught up with demand, and many venues are throwing in uplighting for free as an incentive for the couple to reserve the room. Some wedding clients even choose to go the DIY route and purchase the fixtures themselves. A friend of the groom sets them up the day of the wedding, and you’re left with one less upsell opportunity.

Now, wedding and event DJs are on the search for the next big upsell item to add value (and money) to their wedding bookings. Fortunately, innovative text to screen software can help fill that void.

Using Text to Screen Software At Weddings

By pairing text to screen software with flatscreen TVs or projectors at a wedding, you can reach new levels of dynamic guest engagement. Family and friends can send well-wishes to the screens and share pictures. These days now that even grandma and grandpa have smartphones, the bride and groom can see pictures from all of their guests. Have friends and relatives send fun, embarassing, and heartfelt photos to the screens in real time. Or combine text to screen technology with photo booths so that photos taken are instantly shared with the entire wedding.

At the end of the reception, export pictures to a USB drive and give them to the couple for instant gratification. No need to wait weeks for a professional photographer.

Book More Weddings

Show off your text to screen capabilities at your next bridal show to differentiate yourself from your competition. Everyone can do a slide show. But how many of your competitors can offer a fun engaging display all night long?

By using text to screen software to provide your wedding clients with a unique and engaging wedding experience, you will be perceived as much more than “just a DJ”. As a result, you can leverage this increase in perceived value to win more gigs and command higher booking fees for your wedding DJ services.


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