Make Mixes to Make Your DJ Life Easier!

November 17, 2016 by Jason Rubio

There are many DJs and DJ companies all over the world and nearly every DJ/DJ company will tell their customers that they “mix live.” While one of the basic requirements for being a DJ is to be able to mix live (for our business standards) surprisingly, there are many DJs who do not know how to mix (beat-match) and they still seem to get plenty of bookings! While mixing is not necessarily essential to making a client happy, it certainly can help, depending on the type of event you’re providing music for. If you don’t know how to mix, hey, that’s perfectly okay, but if you’re new to the DJ business, it’s always best to learn your market and what they want/need from their DJs.

In my opinion, mixing can help keep the guests entertained, since you can transition from one song to the next, whenever you’d like, and just play the part(s) of the song(s) you want to play! Usually, I’ll wait until “the break” to mix for most weddings and events, but for other events, I will “quick-mix” (play the first verse, chorus, and then mix into another song). This is great for school dances and proms, since kids seem to get bored faster than adults, so constantly changing the songs helps keep them entertained! This is just my preference, and it seems to work. I’m sure other DJs have their own preferences.

To make your events easier, make mixes ahead of time. Make a variety of “one set” mixes and keep them short, around 12-15 minutes long (a typical genre set for me). I have over 40 mixes that I’ve made and they really come in handy when I need them. I have mixes of the best hit songs from various genres, such as: 50’s – 90’s, Country, Cumbia, and numerous other genres. I don’t play them at every event, but they really come in handy if you have a DJ software issue and have to restart your DJ software program. Keep these mixes in your iTunes and play them when needed, or if you need a break to eat, go to the restroom, etc., you can put on one of your mixes! Always keep a few mixes on your phone, just in case you have to reboot your computer, you’ll have 12-15 minutes to troubleshoot! Overall, make some mixes and you’ll be glad you did! They’re a life-saver!

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