Make friends with schools- Don’t play Rick Ross

September 11, 2012 by Ric Hansen

On the School Dance Network website we feature the hottest school dance songs that are safe to play.  But just as important, we think, you should know what  you should avoid.  That’s why as a part of our on-going effort to help DJs and Schools to create great high energy, fun dance events we publish the NATIONAL DO NOT PLAY list.   Without exception,  every Rick Ross song ever recorded has been on that list.  He’s nasty, foul and angry.  This week there is not one, but two, Rick Ross songs to avoid.   A song by Wale Ft. Rick Ross called “Bag of Money” is the first entry,  followed by French Montana Ft. Rick Ross  “Pop That”.   Both are on the Rhythmic Radio Top 30 songs yet  are tasteless and definitely will send up red flags at schools.  Rick Ross could well be “School Dance Enemy #1”.

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