Maintain, and Build On, Existing Business Relationships

January 6, 2010 by Andy Ebon

Wedding Business Building Tip #3Ten Business Building Strategies To Start The New Year: Tip #3

The reality of selling-to-the-bride is the you don’t do it in a vacuum. More often than not, the bride’s awareness of your business is fueled in a variety of ways; many of them indirect.

She sees your ads, website, see you at a wedding showcase, to name a few. However, there are two ways she is moved toward you, or away from you, more than direct contact.

The Gatekeepers

Gatekeeper is a business contact who stands between you and the bride or between you and yet another contact, connected to the bride.

Where's the gatekeeper?For a vendor, she most obvious gatekeepers are people in positions such as catering sales manager or private event manager. For a catering sales manager, private event manager, AND a vendor, a wedding consultant is a gatekeeper. People in these position control both the path of communication to brides (which may be their prospects or clients, at a given time) and they provide positive or negative opinion and influence on the bride.

It is essential that you maintain, and build on, existing relationships with gatekeepers to gain additional access to the bride.

It is necessary and important to build new gatekeeper relationships, as there will always be attrition. However, your primary job is to maintain and build your present contacts.

  • Does your company have a specific Social Media Strategy? A strategy that keeps your name and business activities ‘top of mind’ with the gatekeepers.
  • Do you belong to local trade associations and networking groups?
  • Are you active in those groups, with your presence, participation, and thoughtful donations?
  • Do you meet one-to-one with gatekeepers on a regular basis.

By systematically redefining and fortifying key relationships,  you can assure an ongoing flow of wedding leads and bookings.

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