Lyle Lovett & Gringo-Friendly Spanish Dance Songs – By Staci Nichols

May 30, 2018 by Staci Nichols

Once in college, I met a Kardashian-esque LA princess. She said, “You like country music? So, like, Lyle Lovett, right?” I thought to myself, “Who the hell is Lyle Lovett? I bet the only country song she knows is “Achy Breaky Heart”…sigh.” I told her, “No, more like Garth Brooks,” who she’d never heard of. The extent of her knowledge about country music had come from what she’d read about Julia Roberts’ ex-husband in Us Weekly.

After I presented at the 2017 Wedding MBA, and had mentioned my “magic pin” — “34 Gringo-Friendly Spanish Dance Songs for an Intercultural Mexican Wedding,” — I realized many of us gringo DJs feel like this lady when it comes to Spanish music. We are pretty sure that at a Mexican wedding, we’re going to do the equivalent of playing Lyle Lovett at a country wedding. I brought up the pin to help teach Pinterest marketing, but, after my presentation, I was bombarded by gringo DJs who needed help with Spanish music.

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