Live Lucky!

August 2, 2017 by Bernie Lehman

The other day I was driving down the road and the car in front of me had a small window sticker in the bottom right corner of their back window.  Most of those stickers are typically nothing of any consequence.  Of course we pulled up to a red light and I stopped behind the car.  As I was gazing around at the trees beginning to bloom, the beautiful sunny day, I also noticed that sticker.  It said, “Live Lucky”.  I thought, “Wow!  That says so much with so little words.”

As the light turned green the car drove ahead of me and eventually turned on to a side street.  However, the words on that sticker stayed with me the rest of the 5 miles home.

I couldn’t stop thinking, “What does it mean?”

So let’s look into what it means.  You could take Merriam-Webster’s definition of lucky, “a force that brings good fortune…”  To mean you should always have a force to bring good fortune.  While that’s all easy and good, it really didn’t feel right to me.  Besides, how does one create a force?  This isn’t Star Wars after all.

Ok, so what’s the next definition of being lucky?

Cambridge English Dictionary states it as, “having good things happen to you by chance.”  But here we are again waiting for fortune or chance to shine upon us, but again it doesn’t satisfy the feeling of the sticker.

Google and it’s friends helped me out, it’s actually a brand of apparel.  The brand states “…a vision rooted in living life to the fullest”.  That’s what they say, but I think there is so much more to it.

So where are we with the definition?

I heard a long time ago a good definition of the word “lucky”, was “when preparation meets opportunity.”  Hmm, this may be interesting, let’s look into this definition.  So if you take that definition, “Live Lucky” means that you live to be always prepared for any opportunity that comes your way.  That’s it, there’s the perfect definition to “Live Lucky”.

Are you prepared for “the” opportunity?

Are you prepared for the residence gig you’ve been hoping for as a DJ?  Are you prepared for the client you’ve been hoping for when they walk through the door?  Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to take your business to the level you desire?

How do you prepare for those opportunities?

In school, all of us were taught to do our “homework”, guess what folks, it doesn’t change when we begin “adulting”.  In whatever opportunity we want, if we are not prepared for it, if we have not done our “homework”, then it does not matter how good that opportunity is, we would not be able to enjoy that opportunity because we’re not ready.

Here are some steps to take to prepare you for your “opportunity”:

  1. Define and write down your “opportunity”.
  2. Read your “opportunity” definition daily.
  3. Write down what will be required to be ready for that “opportunity”.
  4. Create steps to prepare yourself for the “opportunity”.
  5. Follow the steps.

Now you’re prepared and when that opportunity comes along, and it will come along because you prepared yourself, you’ll be able to “Live Lucky”!

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