Live from the DJ Tour: Tampa

September 1, 2009 by Jake Feldman

Hello Internet Readers!

Whew! 6500 miles and 15 stops later and were rocking the last stop of the tour–Tampa!

Danny Brewer is onstage right now as the second speaker of the evening and the full house is very appreciative of the free education that Mobile Beat has been on the road providing for the better part of the summer.

It all leads to Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2010… Which is were the Mobile DJ industry converges every February– and this year at the Riviera will be no different.

As those of you who joined us as guests at a tour stop can attest, the show was great. But what we tried to accomplish was a small portion of our Las Vegas show–a show that truly must be experienced to understand and attented to get it’s benefit.

Thanks to our sponsors and thanks to all who made this tour what it was! The crew and I head back to Iowa tommorow with the hope that we’ll not only see you all in February (from the 9th to the 11th) but next year at the 2010 Mobile Beat Summer Tour!

Look for updates from the trip home; until then:

Viva Las Vegas,


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