Live From The DJ Tour: Snoozin’ in Amarillo

August 8, 2009 by Jake Feldman

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Location: Amarillo, TX– 4:33 a.m.

Hey guys!

I’m over halfway to Phoenix and everything is running according to plan. I should have only a ten hour drive tommorow, and then I’ll need some rest before heading over on Sunday to transform the Phoenix Dave & Busters into a mini Riviera for the day ( the riv is where Mobile Beat Las Vegas takes place).

And as the diesel engines of the truck stop drone me to a quick nap, I will make the blog short today and just give you some by-the-numbers for the mobile beat tour:

Days (total on the road): 27
States passed through: 27
Weight (in tons) of gear hauled in mobile beat 1: approx 2.5
Number of exhibitors/sponsors: 14
Number of months in planning: 13
Number of different presenters: 10
Local ADJA chapters involved: 12
Number of customized gobos from the goboman: 8
Gallons of fog juice Froggy’s fog is giving away over the course of the tour: 30
Price of a MBLV10 full show pass if you buy it the night of your visit to the tour stop: $149
Gallons of fuel in Mobile Beat 1 when the tank is full: 100.

It’s not too late: register free for your local tour stop at!

C’mon n’ join the Joyride,


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