Live from the DJ Tour: LA stop (orange, ca)

August 12, 2009 by Jake Feldman

Hey all,

Apologies about not getting this posted during the event, but all if the touring crew were busy making sure the biggest crowd of the tour yet was taken care of– both by the vendors with their awesome tour specials (which help us all as DJs improve upon what were already good at), and by the educational program that is being presented by Andy, Scott, and Dave.

The show tonight was packed and enthusiastic all night long–and it looks like both chapters (of the adja) in the LA area were well represented.

Big shout out to QSC Audio– every night on the tour they give an outstanding demo ( through their awesome reps) and each night the system grows on me. Check out the K series on the tour–and prepared to be blown away!

The drive from San Diego to Orange was great today with Rob Johnson as we talked shop and prepared ourselves for the rest of the tour, and the view from Interstate 5 overlooking both the ocean to the left and the marine base on the right was amazing. I could get used to this whole traveling thing…

Tommorow we invade the Dave & Buster’s in Milpitas, CA as the guests of Robert Kusters and the Silicon Valley ADJA chapter, and we hope to see you there. The vendors, speakers, and gear will be there–and we hope you will be too!

And finally, I want to thank Scott Faver for the tremendous job he did the first three nights as presentor. He unfortunately will not be presenting in Milpitas due to prior commitments, diligence, and commitment to promoting the national DJ industry– and in general for being a great guy and a class act to work with. Thanks Scott, and I wish you all the best!

That’s it for now,


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