Like Equals Meh Part 2

December 24, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

I was coaching someone just recently and I found that there marketing imagery and messaging was all about the what. That MAY be okay if your client only cares about the what. I would encourage you to dig deeper. Think bigger. Do they care about the how? Someone recently told me to GIVE away your WHY and SELL your HOW. It was even suggested to GIVE away some of your HOW as well. Why? (see what I did there) Because givers gain. When you give freely you’re truly helping another person move forward and become better. Get DEEPER in your HOW.

Create something that will elicit an EMOTIONAL REACTION in the people that you want to do business with. Jon Taffer, famous from Bar Rescue TV show, spoke on the Mobile Beat stage a few years back and discussed how we as DJs play REACTIONS. We should be MASTERS at this as that is what we CRAVE. Many of us got into this business because we fell in love with eliciting an emotional, positive reaction in our crowds when we hit that song and they are sweaty on the dance floor loving the music. They hear the beginning notes of a favorite coming in over the speakers and a guttural reply escapes their lips to the positive. We LIVE. FOR. THIS.

Go DEEPER in your how to truly understand what will elicit that kind of reaction from your audience behind their screen in regards to your brand. think about that. As you’re going through your postings today think about you know, is this really serving someone? Before you share it before you like it before you comment? Is it really serving someone? Will it evoke more than just a like or a “MEH” response? If it doesn’t evoke more than a like or a “meh” response, then don’t post it. Don’t share it. Don’t say it. Because it’s not going to do you any favors.


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