Like Equals Meh Part 1

December 17, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Now, you may or may not know this, but I’m a wrestling fan, believe it or not. And I thought about this in correlation with wrestling and how it relates to social media and marketing these days. For Facebook (and texting in general) for example, look at all the emoticons that we have. How does that equate to wrestling? When a wrestler walks down to the ring, they want to evoke a response. They want to be able to draw reaction from the crowd. If the crowd is just there, with little to no reaction then that particular wrestler doesn’t do so well in their career. Wrestlers want to be either loved or hated. It’s one of the two you, have to be either loved as a face or hated as a heel was a wrestling terms, if you will.

It’s the same thing in the digital world. If you look at social media, all the emoticons we have, we have the wow we have the sad we have the angry. We have the love we have the like, right. It was all the different emoticons that Facebook has put out for us. They used to have ONLY a “like” button. Now we’ve gotten we’ve gotten more reactions, more emotions. What does this tell you? You need to evoke a deeper more emotional response in your clients, in the people you are targeting and especially in the people that you interact with. Next week we continue with this article discussing what I saw when coaching someone recently in their marketing.

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