Lessons Learned from the first leg of the Mobile Beat Seminar Tour

August 15, 2009 by Andy Ebon
Mobile Beat seminar tour

Mobile Beat seminar tour

Tomorrow, I fly to Chicago for the first stop of the second leg of the Mobile Beat Pioneer ProDJ Tour (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh).

There hasn’t been much time to refresh from the first tour leg, but I have put together a few thoughts that may be interesting. To start with, here are some cumulative statistics (approximate) from the first four stops(Phoenix, San Diego, Orange, & Silicon Valley).

  • 75-80% of the DJ’s had a Facebook presence (mostly personal, some business).
  • 40-50% had a profile on LinkedIn, but many professed to not using it frequently or fully.
  • Only a handful at each stop had a Twitter account.
  • Just a few at each stop published a blog.

The thrust of my presentation, Social Media Strategies, was two-fold.

  1. Help people frame a strategy/goal/reason-for-being-there for Social Media.
  2. Explain enough about the different social media tools, and their features, so as to help people frame their tactics, to accomplish their strategy/goal.

It is clear, when talking to people, that many have just followed the crowd (often fueled by national media), and have not yet focused their social media strategy or tactics.

Social Media is not free: I am continually annoyed by seminars or articles that boast the no-cost factor of social media. The statement is nonsense. One’s time is worth money. If you are investing 4-5 hours a week in social media, that has value. For that reason, alone, it’s important to zero in on  your purpose, and apply the proper tactics, consistently, to achieve it.

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