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June 20, 2016 by Mike Ryan

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2016. As I write this article it’s the weekend of the final eight NFL teams sushi-mikeryanfighting their way to the Big Game. Thirty six years ago, in San Diego, CA, newly hired radio program director John Lander used the game analogy in his pep talk to several highly experienced disc jockeys, stating that everything we did on the air at 13KGB had to be perfect. We might not win the Superbowl but we wanted to be in the playoffs. Six months later we were definitely in the hunt, on our way to dominating a number of ratings segments. It was a blast!

I’ve waited three decades to pick Lander’s brains about his programming acumen, skills that led him to be named “Program Director of the Year” and to be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. I hope you enjoy the conversa- tion as much as I did.

Mike Ryan : Once I watched a Mobile DJ announce that his library had more than ten thousand songs, encouraging guests to make requests. Unfortunately he didn’t have the first three songs requested. I’ve often wondered why, with only a few hours to entertain, would anyone waste a song to an obscure request that more often than not only appeals to the person requesting it.

John Lander : I think as in any business you need to identify who your audience or target is (male/female/age/etc.) and then customize it to their wants/needs and expectations. Less is definitely more! Have a core of (hit) songs that have broad appeal but throw in an “oh wow” hit song once in a while.

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