Lessons from 3 Little Pigs

August 18, 2016 by Jay Maxwell

There are many lessons taught in fairy tales. For example, the lesson of the value of perseverance in one’s work from “The Three Little Pigs” extends beyond one’s childhood into adulthood. In this ancient fable, the performance of the first two pigs in constructing their houses showed a lack of diligence. Even without looking at an illustration accompanying the story, it is easy to envision how crudely built the first two structures were.172-1819

After all, erecting abodes constructed with straw or sticks hardly represents much thought or skill. Naturally, using these rudimentary materials gets the job done, but remember that after a bit of huffing and puffing from the big bad wolf, their houses came crashing down. Due to a lack of adequate performance, the first two pigs suffered dire consequences.

The hero in the story is the hardwork- ing pig who took his time building his house. He didn’t just throw a bunch of bricks in a pile and call it his dwelling. Instead, we imagine him carefully laying one brick down, looking at it, and then applying just the right amount of mortar prior to lining up the next brick. It is easy to picture this industrious swine stepping back from time to time to ensure his bricks are straight and stacked in a staggered design to give maximum strength to his future residence.


It is interesting how many people claim to be DJs simply because they have played songs on a sound system for other people. Unfortunately, the pseudo-DJ’s performance often resembles the first two pigs’ attempts at homes, because he simply throws together songs without considering whether or not the tunes form a solid set. The goal for any mobile entertainer is to keep the dance floor packed. However, if songs are haphazardly thrown together, the audience becomes the big bad wolf and blows the house down by walking off the floor and taking their seats again.

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