LEDs On The Go

January 22, 2009 by Mobile Beat

LEDs On The Go

American DJ’s New LS-80 LED Par Can System Is All-In-One

Affordable LED Stage Lighting Rig For Mobile Entertainers

LOS ANGELES – Entertainers on-the-go can now “go LED” the easy way with American DJ’s new portable and affordable LS-80 LED Par Can System. An all-in-one mobile stage lighting setup, the LS-80 LED package includes everything needed to put your performance under ultra-bright (but cool!) LED lights: four polish Par38 LED color par can lights (one each red, green, blue and amber), a lighting stand, and a T20F Chase Controller system with foot control.

Perfect for DJs, musicians and mobile entertainers, the LS-80 LED system is extremely portable, designed for quick, easy setup and tear-down. Unlike some par can systems, its LED lamps are built right into the cans, conveniently saving users the extra step of having to install separate lamps into the fixtures.

The LS-80 LED system is also the brightest mobile LED par can system offered by American DJ to date. Each of its four par cans contains twelve high-output 1W LEDs, which produce super-brilliant color washes of light at a 25° angle, providing entertainers with bigtime professional stage lighting. Used with the system’s T20F Chase Controller, the dazzling colored lights will move in eye-popping chase patterns to built-in pre-programs or to the beat of the music.

Great for entertainers who want to produce exciting lighting effects on the fly, the 4-channel T20F Chase Controller comes equipped with a selection of 20 built-in chase programs, 10 of them with fade times. Plus, there are 7 pre-set scenes, which can be quickly accessed by pressing the controller’s “Stand By” (Blackout) button for a few seconds. For musicians and performers who have their “hands full,” the T20F also includes a convenient T20FC Foot Controller, with a chase selection foot switch and a Stand By (Blackout) foot switch. Users can operate the system via the regular T20F controller or foot controller, whichever they choose.

Users can also choose to run chases via Sound Activation or at 3 pre-set chase speeds. Additionally, the T20F controller can be linked to other T20Fs Master-Slave or hooked up to a DMX controller — for even more effects possibilities.

But lighting effects aren’t the only thing that’s cool about the LS-80 LED system. Its operating temperature is also very cool, since LEDs generate virtually no heat, allowing performers to stay more comfortable on stage. This also makes tearing down the system much quicker, since there’s no waiting period for the lights to cool down. Another great thing about the system’s LEDs is their long operating life, rated at 50,000 hours, which practically eliminates the hassle and expense of lamp replacement. LED lamps are also extremely energy efficient compared to halogen. The entire LS-80 LED system consumes just 70W of electricity at full use, so venues will save on energy bills and entertainers won’t have to worry about overloading circuits with their gear.

“With all the advantages LEDs have to offer, it’s no wonder mobile entertainers are increasingly choosing them over conventional lighting products,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “We designed the LS-80 LED System to make it easy and affordable for working DJs and musicians to start using LED lights in their shows. It’s a turnkey LED par can setup in one convenient package that’s simple to use and transport, and sells for a very attractive price point.”

In addition to the 4 LED par cans and T20F controller, the LS-80 LED System includes a light stand, which can extend up to 10′. The MSRP of the LS-80 LED System is $559.95.

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