LED It Sparkle: American DJ’s New Sparkle LED

April 22, 2008 by Tony Barthel

There’s great news for everyone who loved the original Sparkle effect from American DJ. The company has transformed this classic DJ favorite, a multi-beam all-white moonflower, into a high-tech LED fixture. The new and improved Sparkle LED 3W is powered by one super bright 3-watt LED, giving it more “sparkle” than ever before!

Featuring high output and new lens technology, the Sparkle LED 3W creates multiple white moonflower beams that are razor-sharp when projected onto walls and dance floors. Its wide beam spread covers a large area, so users get plenty of effect for their money. Like its popular predecessor, the Sparkle LED 3W can be operated in 2 different modes — continuous rotation and static — which are controllable via an easy-access effects switch. Whether spinning or stationary, the resulting clusters of glittering white beams have a classy look that’s great for weddings and other DJ gigs that call for a familiar, timeless and all-around pleasant effect.

“The time-tested Sparkle effect has always enjoyed a big following among DJs and clubs,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “With the introduction of our new upgraded LED version, we expect to generate a lot of excitement in the marketplace. End-users will love how the Sparkle LED 3W brings a classic working DJ’s lighting effect into the high-tech world of LEDs — at an incredibly affordable price!”

For an MSRP of under $120, DJs not only get a Sparkle on steroids, they’ll also enjoy the many energy-saving and operational benefits of LED technology. The Sparkle LED 3W shines with the same intense brightness as a 250-watt traditional halogen lamp, yet it draws only 10 watts. Such a low power-consumption means that DJs will be able to connect more units together on a single power circuit at the gig — and clubs will save on their energy bills. And since LEDs generate no heat, the Sparkle LED 3W can run cool all night without any need for duty cycles. Its long-life LED lamp is good for about 100,000 hours of moonflower power, so you’ll probably never need to purchase or install a replacement.

Along with its LED makeover, the Sparkle LED 3W has been given an all-new futuristic-looking case design, so it looks as high-tech on the outside as it performs.  It comes with a sturdy hanging bracket for easy and secure mounting.  The unit measures 7.5” x 6” x 5.25” (191 x 150 x 132mm) and weighs only 5 lbs. (2 kgs). The MSRP of the Sparkle LED 3W is $119.95.

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