Launching Cosmic DJ

December 6, 2012 by Dan Walsh

There is a musical cosmic wave hitting the galaxy…and your iPhone or iPad. Game audio boutique GL33k is aiming to bring Cosmic DJ, an up-and-coming social music creation game, to your iOS device. Cosmic DJ is currently up for donations and funding on professional crowdfunding site Gambitious (, with Q2 2013 release target date. For more info on how you can help release this game to the world, and to check out the perks for pledging, go to, or go directly to video walk-thru of song creation with Cosmic DJ at . You can also get an idea of the entertaining vibe behind the game in a very funny video from Cosmic DJ founder Matt Piersall, known in Austin, TX clubs by his DJ name, Class Prez: .

With a 20 (out of 10!) fun factor, Cosmic DJ pits you as the “Cosmic DJ of Legend,” summoned by the ancient force of the groove to create club anthems that will change the beat of the galaxy forever. Cosmic DJ combines fast-paced, asynchronous, multi-player gameplay challenges with an exciting and fun single-player musical creation adventure! Test out your DJ skills to create space disco, electronic music, techno and more in a stylized retro-future world. Using the sounds of five core instruments–bass, guitar, drums, percussion and keyboard–players create unique tracks set within celestial scenes that span the universe. Once the tracks are completed, they can be turned into MP3s and uploaded to SoundCloud, put up Facebook and Twitter, and shared with your friends.

Keep up with Cosmic DJ at or through Twitter at @CosmicDJGame

Features of Cosmic DJ include:

  • Reactive Visuals: Your musical creations come to life before your eyes
  • Five Instrument Types: Bass / Guitar / Keyboard / Drums / Percussion
  • Tools: Use Tap Mode to live loop record or step edit with the Grid Sequencer
  • Four Game Modes: Creation Mode-create, listen to, and share your music; Endless Challenge Mode-Reflexes and timing challenges test to see if you have the chops to re-create sequences quickly; Jam Mode: sync up two or more iDevices and free-form jam with your friends; Multi-Player Challenge Mode-Send musical challenges to your friends, see who gets the high-score Leaderboards: Rack up a high-score and see how long you can last in Endless Challenge Mode
  • Share and Save: Upload your finished tracks to SoundCloud for easy sharing and saving


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