Kicking Your School Gigs into High Gear

September 9, 2016 by Arnoldo Offermann

Ok, I lied. July’s article promised another multi- part series, but we’re going to hit pause on that to talk about a very important part of your business. This may very well be the MOST important part of DJ service: your gear. Wait—what? I thought talent was the important thing for a successful business. Well, if that’s 100% true, why does Aerosmith need a multi-million dollar lighting rig to complement their rockin’ selves?173-20-21

I mean it’s Aerosmith for crying out loud. If they wanted to perform at my house They don’t need all that stuff. BUT…the brand Aerosmith, the performance and show need it.

Get it? It’s a show. Are you a show or just a service? This can be argued on weddings (I personally bring a show, even with no lighting, it’s a show); but for school dances, it can’t be argued. Plain and simple, you cannot present to a school dance committee and tell them: “No lights, just enough sound…and me! But I’m really talented.”

That’s not going to sell your company. I don’t care how good you are. You can argue it with me all you want, but when it comes to school dances—Ahhh, what do I know? 😉 That being said, let’s talk the three basics of gear

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