Keeping Up Old Habits

November 28, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

One of the greatest ways to continue improving a skill is to develop a habit that revolves around it. We all know that “practice makes perfect,” and when looking for ways to polish our speaking or DJ skills we should always seek to incorporate scheduled practice and rehearsals into our routine. But while practice is beneficial, executing a behavior enough times that it becomes a habit can increase our ability exponentially.

An example I often use in this regard comes from a book on public speaking I read a few years ago. One chapter, in particular, stood out to me, as it mentioned the importance of actively listening to our own speech to eliminate our nervous tics, “ums,” and “ahs.” If you’ve ever listened to a recording of yourself speaking, you’ve most likely noticed your own repetitive speech patterns. One goal of anyone who speaks to an audience is to reduce or completely remove those repetitions from their speech. With practice and careful attention, this is easy enough to do within the confines of our bedroom or living room. Unfortunately, because we may not be speaking to an audience every day, those repetitions can easily find their way back in after a while.

One way to ensure that you don’t fall back into previous errors, however, is to develop a habit of monitoring your speech continuously. It’s not easy, but see if you can go an entire day focusing on eliminating your filler words every time you open your mouth. Then another day. Then another. If you can do this for an entire week or two it will become second nature. And it doesn’t apply just to speech – creating a habit for anything you do in your business will make completing that task that much easier. After forgetting my facade for a wedding once, I typed up a packing list for my events and made it a habit to physically check off the list before every event. Habits can be absolute game-changers for your business!

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