Keeping Inappropriate Dancing out of High School Events By: Matt Ryan

October 13, 2011 by Matt Ryan

With fall homecoming season upon us, your schedule may be filled with high school dances. This year, like every other, is filled with administrator and dance advisor requests to help keep inappropriate dancing to a
minimum. As a business owner, you may be inclined to quickly assure your client that you’ll solve their inappropriate dancing problems. You must be committed to helping them address this issue, but not by making promises you cannot deliver on. Schools’ reputations hinge on their ability to provide a safe environment for their students and they will not put that reputation on the line for an extra-curricular dance.

So what exactly can be done dancing clean? More importantly, what can a DJ to work towards a solution? There is no quick fix that any school or DJ can put into place to solve the problem overnight. Schools that are making headway with this issue are holding class meetings, putting segments on their video announcements, posting specific guidelines for inappropriate dancing, providing many chaperones at the dance, and enforcing the rules. There is no one magic solution and it really takes a substantial effort from the school – not just unloading the issue on to the DJ, setting him or her up for failure. As a DJ, you shouldn’t promise to carry that burden alone.

Here is what you can do:

  • Ask your school clients what they are doing to curb problems with dancing. Start a resource file of the information you collect, compile it into a document that you can share with your school clients.
  • Don’t demand that all the lights in the venue be turned off for the dance – your light show will still have impact and the extra ambient light will eliminate dark corners where problems can occur.
  • Strategically place slow dances in your set to give chaperones and administrators a “break”!

Savvy DJ business owners understand the future of their business is dependent upon loyal clients such as schools, so it is in their best interest to partner with the schools to develop solutions that satisfy everyone involved to allow dances to remain a fun part of the school culture.

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