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June 19, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Ed Spencer’s DJ career has an interesting set of starts and restarts. But now he is known within the spencerDJ industry through his column, “Ask Ed,” with Disc Jockey News and on Facebook as a DJ to lean on for advice when you need it on many different subjects. His start in mobile entertainment was as a KJ in Alaska.

“What happened was I was living in Alaska,” Ed explains, “and I was working at a location in the middle of nowhere and we had someone who started doing karaoke parties for the staff. And I started going and singing and having a good time. And then, at the end of the season when I moved to Fairbanks, I continued to go and sing quite a bit. And someone I knew was managing a bar and they came to me and said hey, I need someone to host karaoke. She says I have a karaoke machine, I have four discs. And right now, if someone wants to sing, they just walk over and put the disc in and sing. She’s like so, have you ever considered hosting? I was like sure, whatever. I’m pretty technical, so I went online and I actually bought the Sound Choice foundations and bought a PA system and went in and started hosting karaoke there. It lasted two weeks. The bar management changed and decided to move in a completely different direction.”

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