June’s Mobile Beat Pure Digital Monthly Comes Out Just In Time!

June 30, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Welcome to the first all-digital Mobile Beat issue, coming to you twice and often—monthly—from now on. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy each issue as you read on your computer screen or mobile device. (See below for info on how to access this magazine on any of your devices.)MB171-01

This time we’re taking a look at a few notable trends in DJ technology. Rob Johnson gets us rolling with a good set of arguments for using the latest in software and hardware game show technology, while Arnoldo Offermann shares some of his hard-won knowledge on the ins and outs of lasers. We’ve also included Scott Jarema’s description of the Arria.Live system based on ethernet and mobile apps. And Ben Stowe brings his massive tech experience to bear on the question of what our technology might look like a few years down the road, in say, 2025.

And speaking of 25s…inside you’ll also find a special edition of the Mobile Beat Top 200—the 25th installment of this strange and wonderful list of the most-requested party music played by mobile DJs.

~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief


  • Game Technology: Time to Embrace it Fully – Rob Johnson
  • Party (Think) Outside the BOX – Jeff Puthuff
  • The DJ of 2025 – Ben Stowe
  • The Laser Lowdown – Arnoldo Offerman
  • The Mobile Beat Top 200 – Powered by DJ Intelligence®
  • Branding: The Case for Signage at Events – Stu Chisholm
  • Arria.Live Audio System – Scott Jarema
  • Execute Your Excuses – Jason Weldon
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