Jon Taffer: How To Hire Great People

July 28, 2015 by Mobile Beat

The secret to building a successful bar or restaurant lies in the quality of the staff that you hire. But how can you make sure that you hire the RIGHT people to staff your establishment? Follow these key tips when making your hiring decision:

  1. Personality
    If a person’s personality and interpersonal skills seem right, then (and only then) does his past experience become relevant to the discussion. Hiring employees that display empathy, curiosity, grit, and collaborative tendencies will help ensure the success of your bar or restaurant. These types of employees are guaranteed to be intrinsically motivated and their hard work will definitely be a plus for your establishment.
  1. Connections
    In their Harvard Business Review article Shannon Dunlap and Brian Uzzi stated that “networks determine which ideas become breakthroughs, which new drugs are prescribed, which farmers cultivate pest-resistant crops and which R&D engineers make the most high-impact discoveries.” An employee with a lot of solid connections is virtually priceless. When you harness the talent and energy that is in your combined network, you will be able to expand your reach and achieve your business objectives in a relatively efficient manner.

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