Jon Taffer – 5 Tips To Help You Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

June 22, 2015 by Mobile Beat

Although social media can be used to grow companies, this medium can also ruin your business. For example, rating sites like Yelp can be used by your competitors to post negative reviews about your business.

The world of social evaluation is not a fair one. It isn’t policed by a governing body that keeps things in balance. However, there are steps that you can take to be preemptive and stay ahead of any negative ratings, reviews, and/or comments.raise-the-bar

  1. Respond to the concerns of your consumers immediately
    There is a possibility that if someone posts something negative, that it may be true. Use your kid gloves and respond immediately to the consumer. You must make a reasonable attempt to hear the customer out and to resolve the situation.
  2. Use a transparent response to take things out of the public eye
    If you are unable to fix the problem publicly, ask the unhappy customer to send you a message so that you can be of further assistance. The best way to defuse a bad social media situation is to help the customer in the fastest way possible. Also, when others see that you are making a concerted effort to help the customer, it will put you, and your business, in a positive light.

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