Jedi Mind Tricks for DJs

March 19, 2017 by Randy Lehrman

Whether you’re DJing at a Wedding or a Bar-Mitzvah, most of us in Mobile DJ land should take a partial role in the event planning on the entertainment side.  Being prepared is key, but offering your client tons of suggestions about music before the event can give you a big advantage to make the party the best it can be…Here are some quick ideas of how to drive your party to being a 10!

  1. 1. Meet with your clients in person for the final planning meeting!  I usually meet all of my clients 2-3 weeks before the event, IN PERSON, to plan the event.  Music and entertainment are what drives the party, so how on earth will you ever get to know your clients without visiting them at their home?!  Get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and create a relationship and not just a vendor contract.
  2. 2. Set hard deadlines for music requests! Ever go to an event and you’ve pestered your clients for music or candlelighting suggestions only to have none until the day of?  A few months before their event, feel free to email them a one-sheet with all of their hard deadlines for music, etc. –That way when their party rolls around, they know if they don’t give your their suggestions, it won’t be on you as the DJ to guess.  Make sure they get you their requests at least a couple weeks in advance so you can create playlists and download obscure songs.
  3. 3. Explain the difference between dance music and listening music!  Don’t you hate when your client suggests a song that has no place at a party?!  Don’t get to that point.  Before you start taking their requests down, explain to them what works and what doesn’t work at party.  If they like elevator music, they can listen to that at home.  Be the expert.  Explain that the best way to make their party a success is to pick music that kids know, adults know, and everyone can dance to.
  4. 4.  Never give a client a list of music!  Everyone can go on itunes; don’t make your client the DJ. You should handpick all the music with your client.  Don’t send them an 80,000 song list before the event.  Pick these songs in person.  If you’re playing maybe 40-50 songs in a night, you be the expert and work as a team with your client to pick the ones and suggest what works.  Don’t leave it all up to them.
  5. 5. Requests!  Not so much…Back in the day, music requests ruled DJ land.  You go up to the DJ ask for your song and BOOM, it gets played.  Now, I tend to stay away from requests more and more.  I really make sure to get all of my clients music requests and make that be the focal point of the party. I really try to keep music requests from guests to a bare minimum unless what they request is something that fits with what the client wants.  You want the client to feel you played all of their music first.  Guest requests are secondary.  Please your client first!
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Randy Lehrman is celebrating his 25th year in the Mobile DJ business. As a Bar-Mitzvah & Wedding specialist, Randy and his award winning staff at Real Genius Entertainment bring a cutting edge and and a level of creativity to the party world in a high paced and competitive LA market. With progressive timeline management and boundless energy, Randy and his crew bring something unique to every party.

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