I’ve Never Really Been a PC Guy

August 26, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

I’ll bet that at least half of the people that read the title of this blog thought I was writing about computers and the other half thought I was writing about political correctness. The previous statement clearly demonstrates two important miscommunication principles. 1. Misinterpretation and 2. Not saying what you mean. The folks that guessed political correctness would be right (I’ve never owned a Mac, but I do have an iPad, iPhone and two iPods). I admit I swear like a sailor on shore leave and I’m sarcastic to a fault. Ask my wife.

Maybe it’s the generation I grew up in or maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy (more likely) but I was raised to identify things simply and logically. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and lays eggs like a duck -it’s a flipping duck! A manhole cover is a manhole cover. Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon and storming Area 51 is not a bright idea (I’ve seen the Camo Dudes, but that’s another story). Stop trying to “whitewash ” the whole world. (Is that even PC?)

I was also raised to show respect and courtesy, act with honor and try to live with empathy and compassion for my fellow man. I know these are not unique qualities, but qualities shared and hopefully aspired to by most of us. So why are folks so damn afraid to speak out against injustice or call someone out when they make a bullshit statement? What’s right is right. How many times do you let things slide before you’re guilty by complacency?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade it’s impossible not to notice the great divide in our country. Various shades of liberalism on the left and conservatism on the right. Somewhere in the middle live the majority of us. Much of the divide is driven by the “PC” culture, which I define as trying to dictate what we can and can’t say or how we should refer to people or things. The PC culture has made it almost impossible for people of reason to have civil discourse. But the one place this doesn’t seem to work is in [un]social media. People routinely say and post the dumbest stuff without thinking or editing before hitting the publish button. I’ve been guilty a few times myself of sharing content without verifying its authenticity. I’ve humbly taken my lumps and deleted an offending post.

Recently on one of the DJ forums (the “go to” place for industry drama) a comment was made about not being a real DJ if you are female. If that wasn’t heinous enough, the replies and “thumbs up” were mind boggling. One person even commented and I quote;”Most female DJ’s are nothing more than a pair of big t___s and a controller”. Please read that last statement again and kindly pick your lower jaw back up. Would you ever let someone talk about your wife, mother, sister or daughter that way? Would you just let it go and “move on”?

Degrading women and fellow colleagues based on gender should never in the least be tolerated by any of us. Women struggle enough in every aspect of the workforce for equality. The DJ industry should be a leader in promoting and recognizing people based solely on talent and not gender. Historically (and unfairly) the entire music industry has been tough on women. They have taken the brunt of sexism, racism, philandering, pandering and objectification. Have you ever heard of Connie Francis? Read up on her life. An amazing talent that suffered a tragic ending.

The forum this took place on started like all others. A place for DJ’s to learn from and help each other. It quickly devolved into a free-for-all where the inmates were running the asylum. Here’s the main thing: If you create a forum on any subject, you are ultimately responsible for the content that gets posted. You are the babysitter, cop, interpreter, referee, judge and jury. You can never let open hate and blatant ignorance get one iota of a peep on your forum. I get the sarcasm and snarkiness. Sometimes it’s just too darn hard not to comment. Some DJs just set themselves up for a good ribbing.

Now in all fairness, I am more than happy to give those responsible a chance to talk with me and express their views. However, as an industry we have to be better than this. Always. More importantly, when we see anyone in our industry publishing crap like this we need to call them out. No one will ever takes us or the DJ industry seriously if we can’t weed out the bad apples. I encourage you to stand up to the bullies and hate pushers.

This is why the PC culture that is becoming so deeply ingrained in our society needs to go. We’re so afraid that we might “offend” someone if we speak up or use the wrong adjective or pronoun that we’ve become incapable of maintaining a sense of decorum and decency. Somehow, this belief isn’t stopping the people spewing vile rhetoric. Ultimately you have to take a stand or your complacency makes you part of the problem. Throughout history heroes have often stood alone against those bent on destruction and hate. They were that one voice that shouted back against indecency and tried to right the wrongs. I think now more than ever, we need more loud voices of reason to pull us back from the brink. Will you be one of those voices? #DBAD

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