It’s Time To Work Smart by Doug Sandler

December 7, 2009 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Deceptively simple essentials provide the keys to success

As we speak, right now, all around the country, things are going terribly wrong in client meetings. Disc jockeys and emcees are pleasantly conversing with clients…and it’s looking pretty ugly. Phrases are being thrown around like “20,000-song database,” “One terabyte of storage,” “1,000 watts of power,” “128 bit rate,” blah, blah, blah. For the sake of argument, let me assume every professional entertainer in our industry has got what it takes to put on a party: a beefy song list filled with great music, enough sound to cover a decent size ballroom, and music that will not skip or buzz. By the way, if you don’t have these things, get them, because they are important. You are a professional, so arm yourself with the proper tools. Let me also state one more conclusion, and here is where the controversy will come in: Your client doesn’t care about any of those things. Your client doesn’t care because those items that I just listed above should be a GIVEN!

3 Smart Keys

Now let’s get to the real reasons a client will hire you (and even more importantly, why they will REFER you to other people). Here comes the secret ladies and gentlemen-get ready for some serious highlighting. In order for a client to hire you, you will first (fanfare and drum roll please)…need to be a nice person. If you are not courteous, happy and friendly, why would anyone ever want to hire you for their wedding, the happiest day of their lives. Second, you must return your phone calls. You may be able to get away with not returning phone calls once or twice, but eventually you will get a reputation of someone who takes days to return calls or forgets to return their calls. And third, you must tell the truth. Once you lie, you die (in this business). Try lying to a bar mitzvah mom and see how quickly your reputation gets around the market. Don’t even think about skipping any of these three; it just won’t work.

A Little Better

Now, I know what you are thinking, so before you send a letter to the editor complaining about my little essay, keep in mind that I’ve been hammering home these principles since 1984. I screwed up so many times early on in my career that I have the battle scars to prove it: Customer service is KING.

What is it that distinguishes you from other jocks in your market? Your awesome light show? No. Your incredible sound system? No, not really. A friend of mine always used this expression: “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” So, let me break it down to the simplest equation. Your competition stinks at customer service and dealing with prospects on a personal level. If you are better with your people skills then they are, you win…every time! You don’t have to be the best, you just need to be better then they are. Simplicity is the mother’s milk of our business. It will keep you strong, consistently bringing you back to the core of what will make you successful.

In my seminar, I will teach you how to get referrals BEFORE you even work a function. The tools I will provide you with will educate you on how to get a client to like you so much so, they would sooner consider moving their wedding, mitzvah or corporate event date if YOU were not available on their first choice of dates, rather then having someone else entertain. These resources have worked thousands of times for me, and they will work for you too. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.

Doug Sandler, known in his market as DJ Doug, performs at over 100 functions a year. Based in the Washington, DC area, he owns Fast Forward Entertainment, Inc. and is a partner at Washington Talent, Photo and Video. His website is

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