It’s Not Ego… It’s Good Business – By Stu Chisholm

July 8, 2018 by Stu Chisholm

Recently, in a Facebook DJ forum, an entertainer marveled at the hundreds of photos that were posted from
an event at which he was the entertainer. He remarked that, among photos of everything from the place settings to the food itself, there was not one photo of his performance. Predictably he was descended upon by other DJs telling him, “It’s not about you—it’s about the bride and groom,” and so on. Some accused him of being a cheapskate wanting free photos to use in his promotional materials.

Yet I couldn’t help but recall all of the articles on these pages, as well as others, where DJs were told about their worth; of how the DJ is responsible for 80% of the success of any wedding reception. I also couldn’t help but recall a reception I attended as a guest years ago. They had a band, who gave a great performance. Her album contained dozens of photos of the band working the room! When I asked her why, she said, “Oh, they made the reception SO fun!” And she was right. I was there. So is it any different if your DJ makes the event “SO fun”?

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