It’s Not Censorship—It’s Customer Service

September 8, 2016 by Mobile Beat

The year was 2012. I was scheduled to play a Father-Daughter dance for a local Catholic Elementary school that I have 173-12-13worked for over the span of a decade or so. In the weeks leading up to the dance, I corresponded with the committee of parents who were overseeing the event, and I solicited requests for music their kids might enjoy along with some of the staples from years past. I also generated a list of current pop hits that I had radio edits for and were not otherwise lyrically offensive. Naturally, I had purged those tunes that were completely inappropriate for the K-6th Grade set, and the remaining selections were about as ‘clean” as modern radio gets.


I was surprised, then, by how many of those selections were nixed by the committee, yet when examining the lyrics a bit closer, had to agree in most cases. See, it’s not just about the “seven dirty words”, but about the subject matter; not only sexual overtones, but overt references to drinking, drugs, violence and so on. Since the dance would only run for three hours, with group games and activities taking up a lot of the time, it was easy to pare back the selections to a handful of approved hot currents, with “evergreen” staples balancing out the rest.

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