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September 16, 2013 by Mobile Beat


Tablet PCs are a major trend right now. Because a lot of us DJs are tech “geeks” and always looking for ways to make our performance better, it’s no surprise that these mini portable computers are being popularized by many professional mobile DJs.


Of course, along with any electronic device, a sea of accessories follows. One particular accessory I was turned on to was The Tablet Claw, a one-handed grip and stand for multiple tablet PCs. My initial reaction to The Tablet Claw was that it looked unique compared to other tablet cases/holders I’ve seen, and it definitely is marketable to mobile DJs.

The masterminds behind the Tablet Claw are Buddy DiFonzo and Mike Solow, President and CEO respectively of Idea Harvest, LLC.

“Buddy and I were at a yearly national kickoff meeting for the company that we used to work for when we came up with the idea, ” says”. “The CTO fumbled with his iPad while on stage. The audience reacted accordingly, with an audible gasp, and Buddy sent me a text saying hey, I have an idea to talk to you about…From there we began fine-tuning the idea, creating graphic design files, prototyping, raising angel investments, and eventually production and order fulfillment.

” The Tablet Claw was designed in Dallas and manufactured in Houston, so it’s 100% made in the USA. It is constructed with an incredible durable type of plastic called PCABS and weighs just 14 ounces.

The attachment process is fast and easy. The edges of the tablet are aligned inside the grips at each end, and then you pull the grips slightly outward as you slide it to the center of the tablet. It is a firm grip! So my hand and arm muscles had to work a little when I tried it out. But having the peace of mind that there is no risk of any slippage, I didn’t mind the extra grunts.

There are two cutouts on the grips to allow for access to the power and volume control ports. The ringlet is for secure, one handed use, which also allows 360-degree rotation for multiple viewing angles, and doubles as a keyboard kickstand for typing. The large rear tabletop kickstand provides a stable viewing option for websites, slideshows, videos, etc. Besides the fact that it is like having a “Swiss Army Knife” for your tablet, as Solow puts it, it is also different from other tablet holders/cases because it fits on tablets from multiple makers including Apple, ASUS, Kindle (Amazon), Lenovo, Samsung, and more.

So how is The Tablet Claw relevant to DJs? First, it gives us the flexibility to use a tablet how we want to. Second, it is resilient, so we can take it anywhere, without worrying about shattering it. Next, we have the freedom to walk around with our tablets secured or leave it at the booth using either stable kickstand. Lastly, there is a solid steel tabletop (or floor) stand that locks The Tablet Claw in place and has a flexible neck, allowing the user to have a totally custom viewing angle.

I tested out the Tablet Claw with an iPad at a wedding and found it to be very helpful while reading the introductions, looking over the timeline and notes, and also carrying around the iPad when I needed to. Terry Moran, President of Crown Entertainment & Marketing is a fan of The Tablet Claw, “I utilize the tablet claw in numerous ways, as a support stand on a table, as a secure way to hold and use my iPad, and as a tripod when I’m taking video.

” With the multipurpose functions of the iPad for DJs, and the Tablet Claw being an all in 1 device, I’d say it would be a good external accessory addition to a mobile DJ’s toolbox. 

The iPad:Multi-Talented DJ Sidekick

DJs have found the iPad to be a versatile piece of technology, using it in all facets of their businesses, from client consultations and bridal show presentations to performance and backup. At client consultations, it can serve as a presentation tool to show pictures or video reels and lighting demos. It facilitates note-taking during the meeting and can even accept payment using the Square (www.square. com). Or those with Apple TV can stream using Airplay on their HDTV in their office. If a client lives in a different state or is otherwise unable to meet face-to-face, DJs are using Skype, FaceTime, or a website called which offers HD video conferencing with their iPads. At events, DJs use djay (www.algoriddim. com) and other apps to program and play music for ceremonies or cocktails, or as a backup to their main system. Apps like Evernote help eliminate paper and keep DJs organized for the reception, introductions, and timelines. In addition, Notes comes in handy to take music requests. Another clever use is offering webcast services of ceremonies using the Wi-Fi/ AT&T service so people that can’t make the wedding can see the ceremony live. Furthermore, some DJs use the iPad to show slideshows and use the Freestyler app as a MIDI controller for their lighting.

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