It All Starts with a Conversation

July 26, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

The audience is ready, you have the microphone, and now you are about to open your mouth to address everyone. The question is, will your comments uplift the audience or prove to be utterly useless? This one tip could actually determine your success right from the start.

I have been a speaker now for over seventeen years. From keynote presentations to workshops, I have been in front of every type of audience you can imagine. Each time, I have used one simple tool that changes how I am received and perceived by the audience. Before I reveal it to you, so you too can also put it to work, I need to first discuss the difference between “professional” and “polished.”

You are, no doubt, a professional. You work hard to deliver a quality performance and presentation at each event and you are dedicated to the craft of doing this well. But all too often, as in the world of public speaking, a professional becomes far too “polished.” I define polished as that overly slick way in which an entertainer or speaker addresses the audience. They launch into an artificially smooth voice that sounds like it belongs in 1970s radioland, and nearly always start with: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, how is everyone feeling tonight?” These over-used methods actually create a barrier between you and the audience. It is this barrier that I will now destroy with one word: conversation. When you take the stage, the dance floor, or simply start to address an audience, you are having a conversation. Yet, as I outlined above, many DJs tend to overuse the polish of their work, thus stopping a dialog. What audiences crave is an authentic tone and to feel like a real person is talking with them, as in a conversation.


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