Is your daily routine moving towards, or away from your goal? (2 of 3)

November 30, 2017 by Terry Lewis

Success in business leaves clues, and your takeaway from this post is in knowing that your Marketing, Sales and Innovation activities are the only ways to make your business thrive. Your second takeaway is to change (if necessary) so you spend at least 51% of your business day immersed in the Thrive Zone if you are serious about growing your business.

Examples of activities in the Thrive – Zone 1 include: 

•Telephoning potential brides

•Pitching an avatar

•Networking with other wedding creatives

•Getting on the preferred list of 4* and 5*wedding venue’s

•Dominating the first page of Google for the keywords you want to be found for

•Buying leads from wedding directories

•Creating a fan base on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

•List building

•Attending wedding fairs

•Word-of-mouth recommendations

•Having a professionally designed website

•Direct marketing via post

•Inventing desirable, new and difficult-to-duplicate wedding experiences to keep you ahead of your competition.

I remember running my first company on quitting Legal & General Investment Management; during that spell, I had no real understanding of the importance of devoting at least 51% of each business day to the Thrive – Zone 1 activities. I ran a start-up from home and had no office at the time so I used our ironing board as a desk which I set up in our small double bedroom, perching on the end of the chair I took from the family dining table, I spent hours and hours going over the company accounts and other boring administrative tasks. I was busy being busy working on the various papers spread across the ironing board tapping away at my laptop, thinking I was growing a business. And whilst those tasks were important to keeping my company up-to-date and operational they did nothing to directly drive ideal clients to my order book. I had no strategy for success, I just worked hard and for long hours on everything because it made me feel like I was moving forward, but really I was without direction. Has this ever happened to you?

It was at a time when I had not yet discovered the importance of ‘The Money Hours’ – those golden moments in the day when your avatar is most likely to welcome contact from you, the hours you should block out to make contact with your prospects, and by ‘block out’ I mean shut down email, Facebook, notifications and all other distractions whilst you focus and conquer the task at hand. So before we move on, let’s discover what the Money Hours are for your avatar by filling in the blanks in the following sentence completion exercise:

Next week we’re going to pull everything together by looking at the daily routine you filled out last week alongside the money hours above you’re going to complete today. Prepare for a moment of truth.

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