Is the grinding issue improving at schools?

February 25, 2011 by Ric Hansen

The School Dance Network continues to grow in numbers, both DJ membership and School administration subscribers.  It clearly points to the ever growing desire to get a handle on the school dance issues that are hurting the DJ industry and creating turmoil at schools.  New DJ Member Eric Lyte from New York sent his observation:

“I commend your goal at this website. I have been a dj for over 20 years and have always pointed out the importance of playing clean edited music. The Grinding dancing is slowly being addressed and I beleive you are headed in the correct direction. However you have no requirments for membership other than agreeing to the Dj code. What about being licensed & insured? Being a legitimate Dj & obtaining legal music (((almost))) guarantees the Dj will have clean music. We go to such great lengths to protect our children, yet our Schools are not required to hire anyone licensed or the likes. I have sent emails to the top of the N.Y. state educational system advising them to have every school sign up at thh School Dance Network. I suggest you take the next step and make the Dj have Proof of Insurance, licensing and at least ask them how they obtain their music.  I subscribe to TMStudios myself. Thank you.”  Eric Lyte

While he has a great point and I love the input…. I hope he is right, that the grinding issue may be slowly gaining some attention and resolutions are being implemented.  And passing this on to the New York Education system is absolutely terrific.  I also agree that DJs should certainly be playing legal music and have the necessary licensing and insurance of any small business.   I just can’t find the direct connection with that and their desire and intent to help schools with the dance issues that they face.  In other words,  a DJ can be licensed, insured and playing all legal (albeit inappropriate) music and still not be an advocate for the school administration at the performance.  So we would be making requirements that have no direct effect on the performance.

DJs that ascribe to a written code, and spend $50 of their hard earned money to stand behind it usually have the right intent.  (We also remove any DJ member if there is even one legitimate complaint from a school about their performance.)

What do you think, is the grinding problem being addressed and improving?  Let me know what you think.


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