Is It Summer Yet?

March 26, 2007 by Steve Sharp

Heating Up!

It’s in the air: summer is coming! And with it, summer parties, the wedding “season”, the beach, and a lot more action in the clubs, and on the radio. And the music is starting to get released that will compete to be part of the soundtrack of summer 2007.

Daddy Yankee with Fergie “Impacto” – So, about 3 years ago there was this new revolutionary music style that was going to take over the world called reggaeton. And at first, it really did look like this trend had what it takes to last, with multiple hits breaking out at once, and labels scrambling to sign creators of this new music and/or assimilate this sound into the mainstream. But then, very little happened. Just in time to renew the faith in this genre comes Daddy Yankee with Fergie with “Impacto”. Sure, it’s the same drum pattern used in about a billion other songs, but it works. Daddy Yankee’s still hot, and Fergie (even though I’m getting tired of her) is hot. I don’t know enough Spanish to discuss the lyrics, but it’s a dance jam, so who really cares about the lyrics anyway? I particularly like the vocoder vocals on the hook, which is a throwback to electronic old school jams. This will be big, I tell ya!

Kelly Clarkson “Never Again” – I remember the first time I heard “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette around twelve years ago (wow), and thought “wow, this woman is really pissed off” but was strangely drawn to the raw nerve the song struck. Well, the new Kelly Clarkson single makes “You Oughta Know” seem like Disney. The very first line is “I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green”. Wow. Is it too much? Time will tell, but it’s certainly urgent and rocking. I pretty much guarantee you won’t play this at a wedding. At the very least, it cannot be said that Kelly Clarkson makes the same record, over and over again – which adds credibility to her career. To be honest, I hope this is just a teaser from what is rumored to be an excellent new album of hers, on the way… for the summer.

50 Cent “Straight To The Bank” – On the other hand, maybe 50 Cent and Daddy Yankee (to a lesser extent) DO make the same record, over and over again, using a winning formula that they just keep mining. 50 knows it, and even boasts about it here about “laughing straight to the bank with this.” The bragging, laughing hook taunts, while Dr. Dre’s production is as sharp as ever. The rest is 50’s ego.

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Steve Sharp is a DJ in Southern California who has been spinning since 1981. In addition to running his own successful single-op business, Signature Entertainment, he also creates a weekly radio remix show for Bo’s Saturday Night Party on B95.1 FM. Steve is one of the few people who can not only play the hits, but gets involved in the story behind them and can often tell you who produced, directed and published the song and how their actions affect the music industry.
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