Is It Sound or Is It Noise?

June 5, 2017 by Matt Martindale

More and more municipalities are enforcing strict “noise ordinances” against venues, levying fines, or simply shutting down wedding receptions due to unprofessional DJs. Every DJ should know the differences between sound and noise when it comes to their venues and their local laws. Nothing can dampen a fun party faster than a bad DJ who doesn’t respect nor know the difference between sound and noise.

Most of us can hear just fine. It’s one of our primary senses, but it’s also a complex one too. Hearing is really our ears’ ability to detect sound (vibrations of air), and then our brain’s ability to give those sound vibrations a meaning. It plays a tremendous role in our lives by allowing us to communicate, warns us of danger and allows us to enjoy the form of entertainment known as music.

But as I said, sound is nothing more than just vibrations through the air. It’s what we hear. So, let’s go on a quick audio journey. First, to pleasant sounds…

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