Is It Sound or Is It Noise? Part 2

June 17, 2017 by Matt Martindale

Continuing our look at how to deal with the sound versus noise issue, it’s important to understand the factors that go into common venue sound compliance agreements. Remember, the word “noise” is really subjective, with the three ingredients that distinguish between sound and noise (the listener’s perception, their interpretation, and the circumstances in which the sound is heard). A competent wedding DJ will know the difference. He or she will repeatedly walk the room to monitor the sound. They’ll also know how to read the crowd and able to keep guests involved and engaged without the need to “crank up” the sound levels to get attention. They’ll know how to set a standard, and measure it, then work with the venue to maintain it.

One reason behind the compliance agreement is the reality that neighbors of the venue have a right not to be disturbed. A noise ordinance protects their rights as citizens. Venues have a legal responsibility to comply with local noise ordinances, as well OSHA standards for sound exposure, for guests and staff alike..
Venues also have a responsibility to make sure that bands and DJs can also perform their duty at reasonable levels. They have to be within the law because, in the end, it’s the venue’s name on the line beyond just this single event.

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