Is blogging making you money?

February 2, 2012 by Arnoldo Offermann

Are you blogging?

As I worked on my Master School Dances website, I saw that the 3rd most popular video was on blogging. Thinking of that, I wonder how many DJs see blogging as something important. I searched through Google and read as many blogs as possible before SOPA and PIPA shut them all down (yay for topical jokes). What I found was rather disturbing:
     •     Blogs were aimed at videos
     •     Many blogs had NO videos
     •     SEO was TERRIBLE
     •     Videos often show the DJ talking to the camera for 4-5 minutes
     •     Blogs were terribly written
     •     Blog design was HIDEOUS!
Many DJs put blogging in the back burner and instead focus on a website. Why? Blogging offers many advantages:
     •     Easier to maintain than a website
     •     Outranks our “static” websites in many search engines
     •     Has more pages shown in each Google search results page than our websites
     •     Constantly updates itself. Google loves that.
     •     Helps me sell better. With my blog, my personal phone sales have been cut by 80% and replaced by sales through 2-3 emails as well as increasing my booking ratio to over 90%, while being one of the most expensive DJs in Central FL. I no longer get emails asking for price, and when I do it’s because they want to book. I no longer get an email asking for “a price list and what we offer.” They’re not asking for real info and this makes the sale easier. After all, they just saw my product. If they like what they see, why go elsewhere?
     •     Allows me to show clients what I can do without them asking to attend an event
So what advice can I offer as you start your own blog?
     •     Use WordPress. There are many apps… but WP is a STANDARD.
     •     WordPress is free, but you can download the software (also free) and run it on your own hosted server. This allows better SEO plugins, more themes, and FULL control. DO THAT!
     •     Clients will want to see photos and video of what YOU can do for/at the EVENT!
     •     What you write should be for SEO (location, city) along with 2-3 things that someone can pull off as event tips.
     •     Use plugins that place sharing options: Google+, Facebook LIKE, Email, REDDIT, etc.
     •     Allow guests to email you directly from their blog.
     •     Photos should pop up using a Shadowbox (where the image pops up and the page gets dark) so the user doesn’t have to navigate too much.
     •     Blog should be SEPARATE from your website. They can linked together, or combined using a single WordPress theme, but do not nest WordPress inside an HTML site.
     •     Host videos on Vimeo+. It’s HD, loads fast, and has YOUR brand on it. Keep a copy of the videos on FB and YouTube for even more SEO.
Think about it! How great would it be to get emails or calls from people who tell you they’ve read your blog in and out and are ready to book? They ask for pricing right away because they KNOW you are the DJ they NEED to have! If you get a call from someone who wants to see you at an event, you can direct them to your blog. Do they want uplights? Have them search the term on your blog! Getting married at a country club you work at quite a bit? Have them search that, too! It makes selling SO much easier!

For examples, check out; this is our main wedding site that extracts an RSS feed from our other blogs. It categorizes what we offer by each effect for easy browsing. This is a blog that got converted into a website! is my personal blog that offers STELLAR search engine results!

Blogging has allowed us to cancel ALL advertising except WeddingWire and we get leads daily through it! So.. what are you waiting for?
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