iRig UA – Multipurpose Sound Card For Android, Mac, PC

August 14, 2015 by Mobile Beat

The iRig UA was sent to us for a review and at first looking at the irigua_note4_top_connect_optbox and the promotion of it I didn’t see why.  But after playing with it and asking some questions I found a great way to use it for DJs as an external sound card for Android tablets, Macs or Windows machines.  While the device was designed to work with Android 4.2 or higher devices and upgrade the audio processing on the phone or tablet.  It’s intended usage also includes guitar effects processing and other recording possibilities for the live musician.


It’s DJ usage comes down to this.  Most electronics companies don’t put a lot into the sound cards in their computers, tablets and other devices.  This is an area where a $2-$5 chip and plug are put in as standard hardware and honestly it’s not up to par with what a professional disc jockey needs when working.  While the DJ shows that our company rolls out with is sending the audio through a controller with higher end sound processing built into it.  Many Many DJs, are literally taking the 1/8″ plug output from that cheap sound card in the laptop and plugging it straight into their traditional DJ mixer.  Even if you have ripped your Mp3’s at the highest quality and have the greatest new DJ powered speakers that you bought at Mobile Beat Las Vegas this spring, remember the weakest link in audio is what the audio is going to sound like when it comes out of the system.

This off board sound card is literally 4″ by 2″ x less than 1″ and weights less than 4oz and should be nicely considered as a sound card option for you if you are laptop DJing and want to improve your sound, or like I experienced on an iMac I use for some basic production work, the sound card went out on the computer.


For those of you DJIMG_7461 s that have skills at playing the guitar (which I don’t) this looks like I really cool interface for getting some cool processing for your instrument.  It contains stomp box effects, amps, cabinets and more all modeled into the software.  You send the signal into it just like you would any pedal through the 1/4″ input and take it back out through the headphone jack into the next step in your processing or use it to record yourself playing through the included software.

Available through most online retailers of electronics such as Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Sweetwater and through some DJ specialty outlets.  Check out for more information!

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