iPad DJ | The All-New DJ DEX is Now Available in the App Store

May 3, 2018 by Mobile Beat

The totally redesigned DJ DEX ($4.99) app turns your iPad into veritable DJ software console that rivals features found in top professional DJ applications.

Get touchy with the intuitive interface or plug in a DJ controller for tactile control over features like BPM sync, interactive waveform displays, pitch/tempo control, scratching, seamless automatic looping, automix, recording, and effects.

Whether you use DJ DEX as your go-to solution for DJing events or as backup you’ll have the features you need to create tantalizing mixes that keep ’em dancing!


DJ DEX has various interface tabs to select from:

Platter Tab: On-screen platters for scratching, performing backspins, or cuing up to the downbeat. Album art will display on the platters if applicable.

Wave Tab: Large waveforms help you better ‘see’ the beat and if your tracks are locked in sync.  Fun to grab and scratch!

Effects Tab: X/Y pads allow you to manipulate effects parameters by dragging your finger in any direction.

Loop Tab: Set automatic, always-in-sync loops and lengthen or shorten on the fly.

Cues Tab: Finger drumming at it’s finest. Set cue points and trigger them without latency.

Check out more info at http://www.pcdj.com/ipad-dj-app/

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