Introduce Your Services to Schools Through Back to School Orientation Events By: Matt Ryan

July 11, 2011 by Matt Ryan

Make no doubt about it, July is the slowest month of the year around schools. Teachers and even most administrators are off for the entire month, away from their school buildings and rarely checking e-mail, if at all. However, in a mere 30 days back-to-school season will be in full swing, with schedule-pickups, freshman orientation lock-ins, and fall sports booster functions. A few industrious teachers and organizers ARE working in July to make preparations for these events. Back-to-school events such as these are some of my favorite to perform for the following reasons:

  • They are usually held on a weeknight
  • They are short – sometimes they only need us for an hour
  • They are well-attended – you’ve got a captive audience and the students are excited about the coming year.
  • They are a great way to introduce the school to your company, in hopes of booking big dances during the year.

Your marketing objective is to create the need for your services with this type of event. Here are a few tips for summer marketing to schools:

  • Forget snail mail! No one is at the school over the summer. By the time your materials are read, the time will have come and gone.
  • Be patient with e-mail responses. Some teachers check their email once a week or less during the summer. Even if you’ve engaged in an exchange with an organizer, don’t get impatient for answers.
  • Be lenient with contract deadlines. Organizers can’t always get the appropriate signatures over the summer. I usually just offer to bring a contract the evening of the event if they are comfortable with that.

May your back-to-school events lead you into another successful year working with schools!

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