Insurance: Why You Need It

May 13, 2008 by Tony Barthel

The focus of my column will generally center around computer related areas of the DJ field, from the internet to creating loops, to breaking up a mix cd into individual tracks while still playing seamlessly from song to song. However, it makes no sense to forge ahead if you’re not properly prepared for a career as a DJ.

No insurance is a lack of planning. And, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Most disc jockeys forge ahead full of enthusiasm, and make their top priority the purchase of equipment. Visions of mixers, speakers, cd decks, turntables, and effects flow through their minds. That’s fine, but when such an important focus is put on DJ gear; it makes no sense not to protect that investmen and yourself.

Sadly, many DJs operate without insurance to protect them from lawsuits. Mobile DJs operate on location and are required to carry a liability policy so that they won’t be personally responsible. A liability policy – which usually can be purchased from car insurance companies – will protect the Dj’s personal assets in a lawsuit.

The profession of DJing has gone through radical changes in the last decade. Equipment has advanced in all arenas, and it makes no sense to invest so much into equipment and then have a flagrant disregard for protecting a business and it’s assets.

All prospective DJs would be well advised to find adequate insurance before forging ahead into the entertainment world. As has been said about insurance: “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

To make this article computer related, I’ll provide you with a link to a page from a website I run. It is a basic page that briefly explains the need for DJ insurance and provides links to companies. But, more importantly, it will serve as an example of website design, SEO, and give you ideas of how you generate income and rank higher in search engines.

Here’s the link

Outside of sponsored ads, Google ranks this page number five (worst ranking in months) for DJ insurance even though the website name (it’s my name) has nothing to do with DJing or insurance.

We’ll cover all of the fragmented topics that have developed from this topic in future articles. For now, make sure you’re properly insured. Until you have proper insurance, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Raymond A. Mardo III (Raymardo) has been in the entertainment field nearly his entire life. As a rookie, he earned awards at top east coast DJ companies where he also provided training. Mardo then published “Making Money As A Mobile Entertainer” and was featured in magazines like Entrepreneur which listed his LGR Entertainment company in their top 500 businesses in the nation. Under the name “Natural Attraction,” Raymardo released “Get Stupid” on Radikal/Popular Records in 15 countries. He now spends his time running online ventures, in film production, and writing. He’s received honors from the film festivals: Austin, Slamdance, and Scriptapalooza and is polishing his latest screenplay:  “The Fall Of The Thirteenth Disciple.”

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